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Here are some of the frequently-asked questions we receive from event participants.


We are listing our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that's not on the list, email us at and we'll address it asap. Don't be surprised if you see it added to the site shortly after!

We're still a relatively new event, but we expect this FAQ section will grow as this event continues year after year.

How is the winning team decided? 

Teams require a minimum of four people (but can have as many team members as you want). The fastest four climbers on each team will receive a score depending on where they place (If they're 1st, they score a "1." If they're 20th, they score a "20."). Those top four scores from each team will be added together, and the team with the lowest combined score for those top four competitors will be declared the winning team.

Someone donated to me but it's not showing up in my fundraising results. Why?

Sometimes, your amazing supporters might accidentally donate through the LungNSPEI website, and not through your Race Roster donation portal. If this happens, no worries - just call us at 902-443-8141 and we can do some backend finagling to ensure your supporter's donations are allocated towards your totals.

Will firefighters have to wait in their gear for a long time?

We received firefighter feedback, and the intent for 2024 is to do "waves" for firefighters, so they won't have to stand around in that hot, heavy gear for so long.

Is this event JUST for firefighters?

While we partner with HRFE for this event, it is open to the general public, and tends to be a fun-filled morning, perfect for families. We've had princesses and superheroes, snacks, a bouncy castle, games, face painting, and more at our Stair Heroes events.

How many flights of stairs is the climb?

While Barrington Tower is only 18 floors, there are two flights of stairs per level, totaling 36 flights. 

Will water be provided or can we take water on the climb?

We don't want any of our climbers to take a spill, so water is not allowed in the stairwell/ on the climb. There are plenty of water dispensers/cups located around the event venue (including at the top of the climb), so don't worry - there are plenty of opportunities for hydration!


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